Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday, 10 October, 2011
October Circle

After reading Carrie's post over at The Parenting Passageway (one of my favourite blogs), I decided that I would post my own circle time for the month of October. Our circle generally goes pretty well, but I am flexible and go with what works for my children. Below is our overall circle, but I do add and take away when I feel the need. I have 1 child in first grade, 1 in kindergarten, a 3yr old and a 2yr old. 
Circle time for me, is a time for us to gather and welcome the day. A time to stretch and move our bodies and minds allowing us to become aware and giving us the freedom and ability to focus on the day ahead.   
Our circle is a story from beginning to end, flowing from each verse or song to the next. It is not forced.  I use a song to call to the circle (most of the time I will take up the hands of my younger children and begin singing, my older children usually, then come over and join us).

All verses / songs / rhymes are acommpanied by actions and movements.
Gathering song:
Come along with me walking in our circle, come along with me it's circle time my friends, come along with me we'll dance and sing together, come along with me it's circle time again!

Morning songs / verses:
Good morning dear earth, good morning dear sun, good morning to the trees and the flowers everywhere. Good morning dear beasts, and the birds in the trees, good morning to you and good morning to me.

The morning sun is shining in the sky so blue, good morning happy morning to you. Good morning, good morning, today's another day, good morning, good morning, lets have some fun and play.

The more we get together, together, together. The more we get together the happier we shall be. Because your friends are my friends and my friends are your friend's. The more we get together, the happier we shall be.

Down is the earth, up is the sky, here are my friends and here am I. (Jean will lead this.)

The earth stands firm beneath my feet, the sun shines high above. And here i stand so straight and strong all things to know and love.

Movement Songs:
Heads, shoulders, knees and toes or Mulberry Bush (raking the leaves, gathering acorns/conkers etc...)

Seasonal songs / verses:
A farmer rose at the break of day and got on his horse and galloped away. He galloped away, he galloped away. He got on his horse and galloped away. Oh, come all my men, oh come, said he. Our carrots and turnips for all to see, in the warm brown earth they have grown so big, it's time for us to dig, dig, dig. So fetch your spades and come along, to dig up the roots with your arms so strong, to lay them in the sun to dry, then in to the cart we'll pile them high.

Like a leaf, like a feather in the windy Autumn weather, we twirl around and twirl around and all fall down together.
Grey squirrel, grey squirrel swish your bushy tail. Grey squirrel, grey squirrel, swish your bushy tail, wrinkle up your little nose. Catch a nut between your toes. Grey squirrel, grey squirrel swish your bushy tail, grey squirrel, grey squirrel swish your bushy tail.

(Children lay down and are covered with silks)
Little brown bulb, asleep in the ground, waits for the winter to pass. The sun will come up, and warm up the ground, and wake up the bulb at last. (Children jump up)
Rhymes / songs / verses (for my little ones)
Wind the Bobbin up
Two little dickie birds
Incy wincy spider
I have a little mouse

Bean bag songs / verses:
Do you have a bean bag head, a bean bag head, bean bag head. Do you have a bean bag head, so early in the morning.
Yes, I have a bean bag head, a bean bag head, a bean bag head. Yes, I have a bean bag head, so early in the morning.

(With bean bag on head)
Whiskey, frisky, hipperty hop. Up she scampers to the tree tops. Twirly, whirly round and round. Down she scampers to the ground. Where is her nut? (Bean bag drops down from head to hands) In it's shell. Snapperty, crackerty, out it fell. Diggerty, diggerty, diggerty, dig. In goes the nut. Shutterty, shutterty, shutterty, SHUT.

We walk around with bean bag on our feet and kick it in the air and try to catch it!
When we are done with the bean bags, I would say:
Little birdies time to rest, come now here to your nest. (Holding basket)

Counting rhymes with stomping: Currently practising 2's upto 10

Optional extras:
Movement with feet
Marble pick up (with toes, linking in with a verse or gathering acorns?)
Toss and catch a ball in a circle to one another
Jumping games
Walking a line, dead straight. We have floor boards which are great to practice this on. I tell the children that we must cross the bog without falling in and so must stay within the lines. We attempt going backwards also.
I usually place an activity based on Jean's story for the week here. Currently we are working on 'The Water of Life' and my children took it in turns to carry a cup full of water over the bench from our dining table to a water bowl for a sick lamb. They loved this and Jean was very happy when she realised later that it tied in so well to her new story.
We finish our circle with:
Laughing with the fairies, singing in the sun, dancing in the flowers our circle time is done.

Looking over this, I can see our Circle is very substantial!. This is purposely done and works for us as my children tend to engage from start to finish. I am VERY adaptable and changes can be made to fit. Occasionally, the circle doesn't carry one or more of my children and that is fine. My only encouragement is through movement and involvement. This circle will take us up until the end of this week and as of next week I will begin to add in some Halloween verses / songs and possibly take a few items out.

I have been inspired by Carrie's post to add in some poetry recitation for Jean. Something short yet relevant. She will relish at this opportunity, she is my VERY early reader - we are still moving through grade 1 as it should be and thoroughly enjoying it.


  1. Love your circle time - thank you for sharing

  2. I absolutely love this circle time. Thank you!

  3. What a wonderful circle time! Very inspiring. I have a 5 year old, 4 year old, 2 and 1. It's nice to see what someone else does.