Thursday, 29 August 2013


29th August, 2013
After reading about the benefits of soaking, sprouting and fermenting, I decided to try my hand with a little sourdough. There are some great instructional guidelines all over the internet, but I used this one. With my first batch I only managed 1 loaf of bread and a single batch of pancakes before I noticed mould growing on the inside of my mason jar. Damn! I had to toss the lot and start again. Sometimes the tiniest of things can contaminate your sourdough starter and begin to grow! I took a lot of care over my second batch, lovingly naming it Steve. Or was that the first batch? Yes, the first batch was Steve, the second Dillan. I fed, and cared for Dillan daily and have reaped the bountiful rewards. Spice cake (don't make this if you don't want to eat the whole thing in one go, like I did. It was also supposed to be covered with cream cheese frosting but the fork got the better of me), crackers and bread. I'm loving this batch and I'm loving knowing how it is aiding our gut! I tried 2 different bread recipes, one with spelt and one with unbleached white (I know, I know). Although personally I enjoyed the Spelt loaf (pictured above) which was an adaption from this book, it was very dense and the children had a few objections. Once it was toasted they accepted it, but I found and tried this recipe which had much more rise and was a lot lighter. Mine came out very much like the photo on the recipe. I would definitely recommend trying sourdough and perhaps baking with it once per week. 1 loaf, some crackers, a pancake batch and dare I say it spice cake! (I'm going to add grated carrot to mine next time, oh yes...)
Completely unrelated photograph but I loved the way they made the little pulley for their toys. True teamwork!
Below I have a chubby baby. I love the chunk! I love her soooo much and her brother and them all! p.s. She now has chicken pox, a whole 7 weeks after our first spot appeared on little Elsie. This has been one long road that I will be glad to see the back of!


  1. I notice Iris is wearing an amber necklace. How is it going? Does it help? I've been considering one for Dexter!

    1. Max had one from 6 months and he sailed through his teething. Iris is just cutting her first tooth and hasn't been grizzly at all. I recommend getting one, highly! I got mine from Myriad online. :)